About Us

Principal / CEO


Dr Tony Hooley, Founder & CEO of HRL, is a University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory, physics PhD and was IBM Research Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.


He has founded tech start-ups in the UK and Australia, covering a wide range of physics-underpinned fields, including: electronics, s/w and databases, mathematical-modelling, materials, optics, acoustics, actuators & mechatronics, and phased-arrays.


He is the author of over 80 patents and many technical papers, and his companies (see e.g. Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd) have licensed their technology to giants in industry including Pioneer, Yamaha, TDK, Mitsubishi, FoxConn and Huawei, as well as many lesser-known but major manufacturers in the cellphone industry.






Our team of specialists are expert in a wide range of fields but especially: 

Image Processing & Machine Vision, Phased-array Antennas, Mechatronics, Chip Design, RF/Microwave, Electronics, low-level control and analysis s/w