Phased-Array Antenna


Array Developments

Our phased-array developments are initially aimed at the forthcoming SpaceX  (and others) LEO satellite constellations.

These phased arrays achieve unusually high transmit efficiency, around 40%, and a superior noise figure of ~1dB on receive. Their light weight and low power consumption make them ideal for mobile applications (e.g. cars, trucks, buses, boats)  and their conformability suits them to planes and  drones. The technology is inherently scalable from Ku-band right up to sub-THz. The potential also exists to operate these antennas in dual-polarised mode. Future developments anticipate enabling the  adjustment of polarisation on a per-element basis.

Their high immunity to lasers and EMP, as well as their conformability, make them ideal too for military and covert applications.

General Array Specifications

 The following description gives array diameters for zenith gains at 31dB and  34dB. 

A scanning sector of +/-50deg is taken as a  target for development, which is consistent with the  SpaceX registration  paperwork.  

Gateway Earth Station

Our  phased array solution for gateway earth stations (user terminal) are for prospective LEO constellations. These antennas are capable of generating high-gain steered beams to communicate with satellites within the constellations from a single gateway site in Ka-band and V-band.


A 60cm diameter antenna is under development.

Ka-band Rx: 

17.7 - 18.2GHz    (diameters 37cm and 52cm) 

19.2 - 19.7GHz    (diameters 34cm and 48cm) .

Ka-band Tx: 

27.5 - 28.0GHz    (diameters 24cm and 34cm) 

29.0 - 29.5GHz    (diameters 23cm and 32cm) .

V-band Rx: 

37.5 – 42.5GHz    (diameters 17cm and 24cm)

V-band Tx: 

47.2 – 52.4GHz    (diameters 14cm and 19cm)

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Example Projected Performance


Scanning performance at 12GHz


Rx G/T 12.5dB.K-1 @ 11.85GHz

Tx aperture efficiency >40% @14.25GHz

Gain >30dB 

Cost ~$1000

Scanning performance shown is at 12GHz, with

D=68cm. N=2000 elements

Max Tx power 100W CW

Ideal for LEO satellite end-user ground terminal


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