The Shed - 1986

Hyperbolic Paraboloidal Roof


This was a substantial structure that could support a lot of weight - a shed-opening party was held on the roof!

The Top of The Tower


The compass shows true North and 10deg divisions. The tree is growing through a flexible collar in  the roof

Front of the Shed


On the left is the top of the curved staircase leading up to the circular tower with its 3D curved-arch doorway. The ends of the straight joists forming the hyperbolic paraboloidal roof are also visible.

More Shed Details

Curved Staircase to the Roof


The stair-treads can be rotated to gain access to the top of the compost store beneath

Rosie on the roof


The barbecue is on the left and the arch in the staircase wall gives access to the base of the compost store

The Machine Store

image55 under the arch at right - temporarily in service as The Bar for the Shed Opening Party