The Staircase

Spider Web


The staircase was constructed at 7 Dangan St, Perth WA, in the form of a "spiders web" and incorporates two structural  arcs (i.e. not purely decorative). Made entirely of West Australian timber, the staircase provided access to a new loft extension.

Regular Polyhedra


The cap of the banister post comprises 4 stacked regular polyhedra with 4, 5, 6 and 7 sides (square, pentagon, hexagon, and septagon)

Hidden Fixing


The structure is held together with dowels, completely hidden screws, and resin adhesive. Hooley nearly came to a sticky end while wielding a heavy masonry drill for wall-fixing,  atop a frail aluminium step-ladder, which collapsed under the strain, leaving him dangling upside down by one foot, still with the masonry drill whirring, and his head 2 inches from the concrete floor...